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Switzerland Bucket List: 10 Best Things To Do

Switzerland is a small country, but it has plenty of magnificence to offer its visitors starting from alpine panoramas to delightful dishes. Every angle of Switzerland is stunningly beautiful and is full of attractions and eye-catching sceneries. Therefore, if you are traveling to Switzerland for a short period, it is important to know your way around. You need to prioritize your visit according to your taste and the type of travel you prefer.

This guide will help you gain perspective on the best bucket-list destinations and attractions in Switzerland (although it’s hard to narrow it down to just a few). So, let’s dig into the Swiss world and explore some must-visit places in Switzerland.

Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe


Jungfraujoch is an “escape the world” kind of place, where you can elevate your mind, your body, and your soul. The amount of beauty and fresh air from Jungfraujoch will give you long-term relaxation and motivation.

Jungfraujoch is sitting at an altitude of 3454m. It is the highest railway station throughout Europe, that is why it is called “Top of Europe”. It is situated right in the heart of the UNESCO Natural World Heritage property of “Jungfraujoch Swiss Alps - Aletsch”.

Jungfraujoch is a "saddle" between the two peaks of Mount Jungfrau and Mount Mönch offering enchanting views of the mountains and the Grindelwald Valley.

The must-visit destination of Jungfraujoch can be the highlight of your trip to Switzerland. It is definitely worth it to be on top of your bucket list.

Cheese & Chocolate Tasting in Gruyères


Gruyères is a famous medieval town in Western Switzerland. This beautiful and romantic village is, of course, home to the finest Swiss cheese and chocolate. And if you are visiting Switzerland, it is impossible to have the full Swiss experience without trying the legendary Swiss cheese and the delicious Swiss chocolate.

Gruyères is a small town, it only covers an area of just 28.4 square kilometers, however, there are plenty of rich sights, like the 13th-century Castle of Gruyères (Château de Gruyères) and Saint-Germain Castle, which belonged to Swiss surrealist painter and sculptor H. R. Giger. Now, it is a museum dedicated to his work. Another must-visit place in Gruyères is the Tibet Museum, with huge collections from the Himalayas.

The one and only street of Gruyères offers a beautiful walk surrounded by the old and new. In the village, you can see small houses dating back to the 15-17th centuries.

However, the highlights of visiting Gruyères are, of course, the Swiss cheese and chocolate. It is unacceptable to leave Gruyères without trying the local yellow cheese with the same name as the town. The cheesemaking in Gruyères has an interesting history, which is possible to learn at the cheese factory La Maison du Gruyère as well as the techniques and secrets of cheesemaking.

For continuation of the discovery of this medieval town, you must visit La Maison Cailler in Broc to taste the treasure of Gruyères, the chocolate. La Maison Cailler is one of the oldest and most famous chocolate factories in Switzerland. Here you can learn how the chocolate came to Europe and how the Swiss made it even more majestic.

The town of Gruyères is a place that everyone has to visit at least once in their lifetimes. So, do not miss the chance to write down Gruyères in your list and visit this wonderful town.

Swiss Wine Tasting in Lavaux Vineyards


Well, after eating delicious Swiss chocolate and cheese, it is necessary to try Swiss wine. One of the finest places to try Swiss local wine is the Lavaux Vineyards. It is a must to dedicate a day from your trip to Switzerland to exploring winemaking and sitting in picturesque vineyards and enjoying Swiss wine.

On the shore of Lake Geneva, in Vaud canton, a quarter quantity of all the Swiss wine is being produced. Lavaux is famous among different regions as a terraced wine-grape growing area in the canton of Vaud, western Switzerland. Lavaux owns the most extensive vineyards in Switzerland, which span 800 hectares and have been protected by UNESCO since 2007.

As the wine tourism zone boasts of its gorgeous landscape and outstanding wine production, these lovely hillside terraces excite tourists, especially wine enthusiasts. Uniquely enough, it distinguishes itself with delicious white wines made from Chasselas grapes. So, if you consider yourself a wine enthusiast, Lavaux is a bucket-list place for you. And even if you are not, trying and exploring Swiss wine is a necessary activity at least once in a lifetime.



Discovering the Swiss cities is the first step to unveiling the beauty of Switzerland. The colorful city of Zurich is a must-visit destination in Switzerland lying on the shores of the Limmat River, characterized by valuable historical and heritage sights.

This essential financial, commercial and industrial center of Switzerland has many historical monuments and medieval architectural buildings. You can discover all this in a stroll through the Old Town.

In central Zurich, you will discover the major railway station of the city - Hauptbahnhof, the largest one in Switzerland. From this railway station, you can travel to many magnificent places in Switzerland.

If you are a fan of luxury brands and fashion, the Bahnhofstrasse is the perfect place to take a walk. Here many elegant boutiques, shopping centers with famous brands, luxury restaurants, and Swiss banks are located. Sounds like a dream place for shopping lovers.

The Old Town is not only famous for its cultural life, but it is also a place to have a little bit of fun. The bustling nightlife, abundant shops, and beautiful car-free alleyways are famous here. The main streets are packed with different types of bars and restaurants.

Your discovery of Zurich won’t be complete without visiting the evangelical church Grossmünster (Great Minster), one of Zurich's four primary churches, all along with St. Peterskirche, the Fraumünster, and the Predigerkirche. At the top of the church’s twin towers, you can enjoy the wonderful panoramic views over the city with the Limmat River and Zurich Lake.

Finally, by taking a boat trip on Lake Zurich, you can sit and admire the splendid sceneries of Zurich with the Swiss Alps in the background.

The Rhine Falls


Among the most visited places in Switzerland is the Rhine Falls - Europe’s largest waterfall, spanning 150 meters. Summer is the best time to visit the falls as the mountain snow melts and the falls spill over the limestone with a height of 21 meters.

Taking a boat trip to the Rhine Falls is the best way to get a thorough view of the falls and both sides of the river and to feel the adventurous thrills of this magical place.

There are four different ways to experience the Rhine Falls. The first way is the Short Trip, the Blue Line. Its duration is fifteen minutes and it takes you as close to the waterfall as possible. It runs from April to October.

With Yellow Line, you will find the Rock Tour, which will take you to the rock located in the heart of the falls. This route offers a panoramic view of the falls from the top of the rock.

The Pink Line offers an audio-guided tour. Within about thirty minutes, the captain will take you to exciting spots by and below the Rhine Falls while getting interesting information about the falls, available in 18 different languages.

The Red Line offers a short three-minute ferry ride that will take you past the two banks of the Rhine River (Wörth Castle and Laufen Castle).

Mount Titlis


It doesn’t matter what the purpose of your visit to Switzerland is. It should always be on your mind to go on a Mount Titlis tour. It is one of the greatest must-visit places in Switzerland and you should definitely write this down on your bucket list. It’s one of the most desired destinations for tourists and there are many reasons behind it.

Visiting Mount Titlis is easily possible from Engelberg Town by the Rotair cable car. You can also visit the colorful city of Lucerne before starting your mountain experience.

Mount Titlis is covered with snow all year round. Therefore, the cable car ride will give you a breathtaking panoramic view of the surroundings and the snowy summits of Mount Titlis. Here you can also visit an ice tunnel, the Glacier Cave, which is crucial to see.

See the mountains from the suspension bridge Titlis Cliff Walk. Also, ski in the longest downhill run in the Titlis ski area with a height of about 12 kilometers and an altitude of 2,000 meters.



One must not miss the chance to visit Geneva, the center of Swiss watch and jewelry making. This beautiful city is described as the "World's Smallest Metropolis". It is nestled on the banks of Lake Geneva, at the foot of the Swiss Alps. What a view this must be…!

Geneva possesses a list of famous attractions like the famous Jet d'Eau water fountain and the Flower Clock in the English park (Jardin Anglais). The latter is a true masterpiece running since 1951 and made of lively flowers which change their colors according to the season. In addition, this watch symbolizes Geneva being the home to conventional watchmaking.

A walking tour on the lakeshore will reveal the symbol of Geneva, the Jet d'Eau water fountain. The large fountain is one of the city's most popular landmarks. At an altitude of 140 meters, the Jet d'Eau is visible from different corners of the city.

Discovering Geneva's Old Town is a top thing to do on your trip to Geneva, such as walking through the narrow ancient streets, and enjoying the picturesque squares, elegant cafes, and restaurants. Moreover, taking a walk in Rue du Rhône (Rhone Street) "the Shopping Paradise" through famous brands would be a perfect addition to your visit.

Glacier 3000


If you want an ideal trip to enjoy the Swiss Alps, then Glacier 3000 is just for you. It offers a mountain experience in the Swiss Alps that is beyond expectations. Here you will like the ton of snow and the outdoor activities on the top of the highest peak in the canton of Vaud. The view of the icy summits will stay in your memory for quite a long time.

You can start your adventures from Col du Pillon by taking the aerial cableway to the summit of Glacier 3000 while revealing the outstanding panorama of the majestic mountains: the Eiger, Mont Blanc, Jungfrau Mönch, and Matterhorn.

The Peak Walk by Tissot on top of Glacier 3000 might be the most appealing and exciting part of your tour. It is the only suspension bridge in the world that connects two summits. The bridge, which has a length of 107 meters and different heights of 5 meters, will boost your adrenaline level. A terrific activity for adrenaline enthusiasts, with the most breathtaking views.

Glacier 3000 offers various things to do that suit all types of travelers with different tastes and desires. Among these are Ice Express Chairlift, Fun Park, Glacier Walk, Alpine Coaster - the highest toboggan run, and dog sled based on pre-booking for extremely amusing adventure on the expanse of the glacier.

From October to May, the snowy slopes provide a full and pure recreational experience for all skiers of all levels on Glacier 3000's huge ski regions. The nine slopes, which range in difficulty from blue to red to yellow, provide ideal conditions for both beginners and expert skiers and snowboarders. So, this remarkable mountainous experience should be on your list. Here, you will experience some unimaginable emotions.

Paragliding in the Bernese Oberland's Interlaken


Interlaken is located in the heart of the Swiss Alps and is considered one of the most popular destinations in Switzerland. This heavenly place lies between Thun and Brienz lakes, where the name Interlaken derives. Interlaken is a perfect spot for exploring the surrounding beautiful mountains of the central region of Switzerland.

If you are in Interlaken, you need to choose a way to fully enjoy the beauty it offers. Paragliding is one of the options on top of paddle boat trips, funicular journeys, walking, etc. However, paragliding is the go-to adventure that will help you experience Switzerland from the bird’s eye view, which is an experience that is hard to forget.

During this adventure with indescribable emotions, you will inhale the freshest air, marvel at the breathtaking views of the Jungfrau region – Monch and Eiger Mountain summits, and capture a lifetime of memories.



This amazing car-free Alpine resort is considered one of the most attractive resorts all over the world. The mountain peaks here are some of the highest in Europe. And most importantly, the village provides a great view of Matterhorn.

Due to its small size and car-free streets, Zermatt has a relaxing atmosphere. There are three main streets, which run along the banks of the River Matter Vispa, and numerous cross-streets, especially around the station and the church, which form the center of Zermatt. Most of the buildings and houses in Zermatt are chalet-style showcasing the charm of Alpine architecture.

The village is a real paradise for skiers even during summer, as here resides Europe’s highest and largest summer skiing region called “Matterhorn Glacier Paradise”. The ski slopes are easily reached with the underground funicular that will take you to enjoy the scenery from the height of 2300 meters.

The symbol of Switzerland is located here, the majestic Matterhorn (4,478 meters), the most photographed mountain in the world. It is very difficult to climb this mountain, hence it has become the favorite challenging peak for mountaineers to climb.

A tour to Zermatt is an experience one must take. In addition to experiencing the epic Matterhorn, you can find peace and harmony in Zermatt. Get acquaintanced with Swiss folklore and personal yodellers, traditionally costumed dancers, and accordion music.

There we go! You have a ready-to-go list of destinations and attractions to help you on your tour to Switzerland. And on top of this, remember that you can always compose your own dream excursion in Switzerland. Hope this was helpful!


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