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Country Country-Switzerland Switzerland
Canton Basel (BS) Basel (BS)
Altitude Altitude 280m
Speaking Languages Speaking-Languages German
Official Website Official-Website https://www.basel....
Near Airport nearest-airport Basel Airport
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The north-western charming Basel City is on the tripoint of Switzerland, Germany, and France. The dream city dates back to the Middle Ages and is situated along both sides of the Rhine River.

The location in the three-country triangle allowed Basel to be a major transportation hub for Europe.

Nowadays, Basel favours economic privileges, cultural openness and diversity. It proudly holds the statue of the “Cultural Capital of Switzerland,” because it is home to almost 40 museums and at least 65 libraries.

Within those museums, you can find everything displaying visual arts from antiquity up to the modern day. Take a look around the Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Ancient Arts, the Foundation Beyeler, the Jean Tinguely Museum, and many others that hold international fame and recognition all over the world.

Traveling to Basel is a great idea if you want to see and feel a city, which breathes and lives culture.

The beauty of Basel can be both seen and felt in the romantic alleys of the Old Town, which has been built on two hills right next to the Rhine River. Take off into the roads to spend hours wandering in the narrow streets filled with the multi-colored homes of history.

The Rhine River is the main part of the city and is traditionally named the "River Fairies.”

It represents the fairies boat trip, which uses the natural current of the Rhine River to move the boat back and forth.

When your visual senses have taken their fill, it’ll be high time for listening, as Basel is home to symphony and chamber orchestra. Being one of the most important centres of classical music. However, those who are fond of lively jazz, rock, or any other genre of music can still find many options suiting their taste.

This visitor-friendly Basel City offers an unforgettable stroll through the several botanical gardens, parks, and of course, the banks of the Rhine River. You can be a part of all-year-round events and fairs held in this wonderland.

As a part of arts and culture, Basel is also a business and trade centre. It is the capital of Swiss international trade fairs, as well as a European Centre of World Trade and Congress. Alongside all this fame, Basel still has even more to offer. The renowned “Basler Leckerli Biscuit” – the regional biscuit made of honey. It is known not only in Basel but all around the world.

All you need to enjoy the must-see places in Basel is to join one of our private trips starting from Zurich City to delve into Basel tours.

AlpExcursion is here to lead you to the sightseeing points of this charming city:

  • Basel Town Hall “Representing chambers of the Parliament and the Government Council.”
  • Basel Minster.
  • St. Peter's Church.
  • Historical Museum Basel.
  • Augusta Raurica amphitheater.
  • Zoological Park “Obtains a variety of domestic and weird animals.”
  • Collection in Art Basel Museum.
  • Rhine Harbor.
  • Basel Paper Mill.
Basel night's Switzerland
Basel Rathaus Switzerland
Asel town hall Rathaus Switzerland
Basel Minster in Christmas Switzerland
Basel Minster in Basel Switzerland
Beautiful sunset in Basel Switzerland
Rhine River in Basel
Swiss Cultural Capital of Basel Switzerland


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