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About Us

AlpExcursion is one of ARATOURS SA's subsidiaries.

The fifteen years old company obtained local professional experience in travel and transfer industries, to become specialized in all kind of customer services in Switzerland and the neighboring regions while providing:

  • Private airport transfers
  • Car disposal services
  • Point to point transfers
  • VIP services
  • Domestic delivery services
  • Daily private trips & customized thematic excursions
  • Services of expert tour guides in your preferred language
  • Tour packages including accommodations

Besides several inbound tourism businesses.

AlpExcursion is based in Fribourg, Switzerland, between the world-known Swiss Alps and the two metropolises of Switzerland - Geneva and Zurich.

The company’s considerable work allowed it to manage a developed network of integrated services with flexible solutions and strategies both to accomplish the firm’s goals and to meet the customers’ expectations.

Our provided services are based on highly-qualified business and reliable rates within and outside the frontiers of Switzerland.

The company offers vast options: starting from organizing a wide selection of daily excursions, activities and entertaining vacation trips, to many other life experiences that may be taken in Switzerland.

During years of serving the clients, AlpExcursion became a specialist in delivering a superior level of service. Hence, we gained the fidelity and trust of our customers.

The reason behind the success of AlpExcursion was always combining three kinds of essential features: a high sense of responsibility, security provision and affordable prices.

The office members and the driver-guides of AlpExcursion dedicate their experiences towards the adventurous tourists, by only focusing on the provision of clear and outright advice to lead the customers in our beautiful country.

There are not any hidden secrets for AlpExcursion’s team in Switzerland: even the unknown corners of our land became widely known. Thus, all the crew is glad to be at your disposal, suggest, lead as well as, operate the best daily trips in your preferred language to unveil the beauty of Switzerland right in the heart of Europe.

AlpExcursion's primary mission is always the long-lasting relationships with its guests while providing impeccable customer services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology.

Available in all seasons

Our services are running year-round, no matter the season we always have a suitable option that matches your desires.

Individual approach

Our commitment is reflected through the tailored approach to each request.

Always the best solution

Our team is always at your disposal to answer all your inquiries related to private Swiss discoveries.

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