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What to Pack For a Trip to Switzerland?

Switzerland is one of those rare places where it is lovely to visit all year round. You will get to see the most breathtaking scenery in Switzerland both during summer and winter.

Whether it’s hiking or skiing in the Swiss Alps, sailing or city sightseeing, there is always something interesting to do in Switzerland. So, let’s find out together what to pack for Switzerland to have the best experience.



In summer, the climate in Switzerland is mild with no excessive heat or humidity. The temperature range is about 18 to 28 °C (65° - 82° F). The summer months are the best times to visit Switzerland for the clearest mountain scenery. Summer days in Switzerland are mostly sunny and dry, which allows for clear views of the mountain peaks.

As mild as the weather in Switzerland is, you will want to make sure to pack all the essentials even for unpredicted weather.

1. Comfortable shoes

When you are in Switzerland, you will experience a lot of walking around, whether it is hiking, a city tour, or sightseeing. For that reason, you will need to pack comfortable walking shoes to enjoy your walk and to have nothing else occupying your mind other than the fact that these mountains are so beautiful.

2. A waterproof jacket

Bringing a waterproof jacket preferably with a hood is a smart decision, especially if you plan to spend some time in the mountains and nature. The waterproof jacket will keep you warm and dry against rainy weather.

3. An Umbrella

Even though it is mostly sunny during summer in Switzerland, you may very likely experience rain during your trip, so being prepared is a good idea. Just have a foldable umbrella with you that you can easily place in your backpack.

4. Sunglasses

Switzerland is bright and colorful. In order to protect your eyes and not miss the magnificent views, we recommend bringing sunglasses, in addition to sunscreen to protect the skin.

5. A Backpack

It’s always nice to have a small lightweight backpack with essentials for daily excursions and tours. So make sure to take a comfortable backpack with you for long-day tours, hiking, or shopping.

6. A Nice Outfit

Prepare to dress up a little bit especially when you are in the beautiful cities of Switzerland. Europeans like dressing up and you might want to change the overly casual outfit to blend in to have a complete experience in Swiss culture.

7. Camera

Definitely bring a camera with you because you will want to capture all those unforgettable moments spent in Switzerland. You will treasure those pictures because these magical Swiss sceneries are breathtaking and you might want to take those moments back home with you.

8. Portable Charger

A portable charger is a necessity while traveling. Always have it with you no matter the weather. You will need it to charge up your phone or camera especially when you are in the mountains. You will not forgive yourself if you don’t get to take plenty of pictures of the magnificent views Switzerland offers.



Winter in Switzerland is generally cold. Depending on the region, the temperature can vary from -10°C (14°F) in the mountains and between -1 and -4°C (30-25°F) in the northern plains. The mountainous areas are the coldest so it is necessary to know how to pack properly for Switzerland for the winter season.

1. Warm Clothes

To enjoy your visit to the fullest, make sure to pack wisely in order to avoid running to the stores when instead you can enjoy a winter excursion in Switzerland. The first and most important item to bring to Switzerland in winter is a warm waterproof coat. Especially, if you’re visiting the Alps, take into consideration that snow and frost might await you. So, in addition to a warm coat, also bring warm sweaters, thermal pants or leggings, a scarf, a hat, and gloves.

2. Snow Boots

Snow boots or hiking boots will protect your feet from the cold and will prevent you from slipping in the snow. So, make sure to take a pair or two with you as without them, it will be hard to hike in the alps. If you are planning to take a ski trip, that will require a whole new set of items necessary for skiing.

3. Extra camera batteries

If you accept our recommendation and bring a camera with you to take pictures of wonderful Alpine sceneries, you will need additional batteries for your camera as the cold will make the battery die quickly.

4. Medicine

Bring basic medicine for emergency cases. Particularly during winter, you may catch a cold, so having the necessary medicine in your bag won’t be a bad idea.


This packing guide will give your trip a good kickstart. Packing smart is the first step towards your comfort throughout your journey in Switzerland. And if you are visiting Switzerland, you are definitely a fan of comfort, relaxation, and beautiful scenery.

Moreover, if in addition to packing, you are also looking for the best Switzerland excursions and trips, you might want to check out for our private excursions and you will definitely find one to your taste and liking.


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