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Country Country-Switzerland Switzerland
Canton Bern (BE) Bern (BE)
Altitude Altitude 895m
Speaking Languages Speaking-Languages German
Official Website Official-Website https://lauterbrun...
Near Airport nearest-airport Bern Airport
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The very name of “Lauterbrunnen” means “Many Fountains.” It tells what you can expect to see on this heavenly site. Lauterbrunnen alludes to the waterfalls in the impressive Jungfrau Region in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

Lauterbrunnen is a small Swiss village and a lush green, majestic valley that has some of the finest scenery in the whole world. Especially the potent Swiss Alps rising dramatically on all sides of the valley.

The village is one of the biggest resorts in Switzerland, where you can enjoy the scenery of magnificent rocks, mountain peaks with 72 mesmerizing waterfalls, and colourful Alpine meadows.

Here is your chance to get into this splendid world of landscapes of mountains, valleys, cliffs and waterfalls.

The village of Lauterbrunnen is hiker’s central. The entire town is characterised by Swiss chalet-style buildings and plenty of cosy hotels nestled on the sides of rising cliffs. In addition, the village offers a myriad of restaurants, which present phenomenal Swiss cuisine. All these features create a unique and distinctive setting.

Lauterbrunnen is an area with a huge diversity of sightseeing attractions, such as historical monuments, natural beauties, adventurous and amusement activities.

Seemingly the best attraction in this valley is the spectacular landmark - Trummelbach Falls (Trümmelbachfälle). This showpiece is located inside a mountain; you need to step inside to view the waterfall by passing through an illuminated tunnel. This is acknowledged as the most amazing waterfall in the Swiss Alps.

Another famous waterfall is Staubbach Falls, with a height of 300 metres, which is included among the highest free-falling waterfalls in Europe. During the summertime, the droplets of water are driven by the wind in all directions as if the water is dust in the air, hereafter comes its name “Staub” (dust).

Through centuries, these roaring waterfalls of Lauterbrunnen have been a source of inspiration and natural poetry. Namely, for the famous Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who has written his well-known poem “Song of the Spirits over the Waters.”

Being one of the biggest conservation areas in Switzerland, Lauterbrunnen Valley remains a popular place to visit in both summer and winter. This valley is truly called a paradise for “walkers” and “skiers”, offering magnificent views and ski-runs for all levels.

Many people visit Lauterbrunnen to have some fun besides enjoying the breathtaking beauty. Jumping-off alongside the mountains or even hang-gliding in the valley itself is truly the best adventure.

Lauterbrunnen is an ideal peaceful place to spend a relaxing holiday in nature's embrace and enjoy the specialty of inhaling the fresh air.

Overall, the valley of Lauterbrunnen is among the magical corners of Switzerland, which should definitely be added to your bucket list.

Always make sure you have your camera ready to capture the gorgeous vistas of this ultimate piece of heaven because only the stroll through the valley will give you the impression of walking in an art gallery.

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