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Country Country-Switzerland Switzerland
Canton Bern (BE) Bern (BE)
Altitude Altitude 1050m - 1600m
Speaking Languages Speaking-Languages French, German
Near Airport nearest-airport Geneva Airport
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Gstaad is a small village in the German-speaking Canton of Bern in southwestern Switzerland, which combines prestige and Alpine authenticity within the stunning landscape.

Right in the heart of Bernese Oberland is situated the valley of Gstaad, one of the most exciting Swiss destinations to visit.

Gstaad ski resort is a well-known destination among international celebrities. It is famous mostly for its luxury hotels, gourmet restaurants, outstanding Swiss chalets and nearby Saanen airport that make you feel a touch of glamour and luxury. You will notice how proudly the traditions are kept.

During winter, Gstaad is a very popular ski resort, but in the summer, it almost shuts down, except for the tourists who come to take a look at the mountains.

Gstaad reached its current fame of a luxurious resort with the help of its prominent visitors and guests, such as Louis Armstrong, Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren and Roger Moore. Until now, it remains a favourite destination for many celebrities like John Travolta, Roman Polanski, Ursula Andress, Roger Federer and many others.

Gstaad is also famous for its international schools like L'Institut le Rosey and John F. Kennedy School, which put another stone to the fame of this amazing destination by making it a prestigious educational centre as well.

Gstaad offers plenty of leisure and outdoor activities amidst the unspoiled Alpine landscapes.

Among the well-preserved traditions that the locals proudly mention is the manufacturing, which lets Gstaad keep its significant role in the neighbouring regions. The cattle breeding, milk and meat production are the three major manufacturing branches. If you would like to get acquainted with them, then you can turn to local farmers for a unique Alpine tour during your travel to Gstaad.

Festivals also make this destination an extremely diverse holiday resort. Every year Gstaad attests thousands of cultural and sporting occasions.

Among the favourite and most well-known festivals, is Sommets Musicaux de Gstaad - for those fond of classical music. Country Night Gstaad is for people of all ages who are fond of the Christmas hassle and bustle in the company of renowned celebrities. Other famous events are the International Hot Air Balloon Festival, which will help to discover the country from high above in the sky, and the Hublot Polo Gold Cup tournament.

Visiting these events together with spectacular sightseeing can make this the best trip in Gstaad.

AlpExcursion is always at your disposal to organise your private transfer, mixed with exquisite scenic views to Gstaad - one of the best places to visit in Switzerland.

Here are some highlights that will catch your interest during your stay in Gstaad:

  • Lake Lauenen.
  • Wispile Mountain Gstaad - The best place for hikers.
  • A tasty meal at the renowned Chesery Restaurant.
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