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Country Country-Switzerland Switzerland
Canton Fribourg (FR) Fribourg (FR)
Altitude Altitude 810m
Speaking Languages Speaking-Languages French
Official Website Official-Website
Near Airport nearest-airport Geneva Airport
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Gruyeres is a famous medieval town in Western Switzerland. It is home to the finest Swiss cheese and chocolate.

The tourists listed the French-speaking romantic village as a unique area of Switzerland, and the secret behind making Gruyeres very special is the surrounding panoramic view.

It is perched on a rocky hill with stunning views of the pre-Alps hills, which amazes not only people with modernistic viewpoints but also those fond of ancient architecture.

Travel with AlpExcursion to the medieval town of Gruyeres, in order to have an enchanting experience during a private transfer from Geneva or Zurich - the main cities of Switzerland.

Take a stroll through the one and only street of Gruyeres with a nostalgic feeling, a journey from past to future. At the entrance of the village, you will be surrounded by small houses dating back to the 15th-17th centuries.

The old part of the town developed into a market square, all along with fascinating buildings and shops in keeping with its historic facades.

Leaving Gruyeres without tasting the rich yellow cheese, with the same name as the town is simply unacceptable. The secret technique of making this cheese has a rather long history and passes from generation to generation. For tasting and highlights about its history, you are invited to visit the cheese factory “La Maison du Gruyere.”

Continuing your discovery of Gruyeres’ treasures, you will visit one of the oldest and most famous chocolate factories in Switzerland – La Maison Cailler in Broc. From here, you will learn how the chocolate reached Europe and how the Swiss made it even tastier!

Another landmark characterising Gruyeres Village is the 800-year-old Castle of Gruyeres (Château de Gruyères). This building was constructed between 1270 and 1282, and only in 1938 was the castle made into a museum and opened to the public.

Beyond the cultural attractions, Gruyeres has obviously familiar rustic hotels, which invite you to relax and enjoy the amazing views of the town. The delicious culinary and cosy atmosphere of the decorated restaurants is the best place to be served the fabulous local cheese.

Gruyeres also possesses various museums, including the Museum of H.R. Giger and the Tibet Museum, which represents the contemporary edge.

However, going through the H.R. Giger House Museum, you will find yourself in an indefinite and foggy future surrounded by non-terrestrial and alien features. Shake your mind for a moment and relax: these are just exhibits from the first film Alien, which won an Oscar.

This museum also includes the largest and most impressive collection of the Swiss artist’s surrealistic works.

The Tibet Museum, although being small, has a large collection of original Buddhist artefacts, statues, drawings, and paintings transferred right from the Himalayas.

According to statistics, the popular destination achieved a reputation for attracting almost one million visitors per year.

Be one of our guests to explore the well-preserved medieval town of Gruyeres during a private transfer with beautiful Lake Geneva views along the way.

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