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Top 3 Summer Destinations in Bernese Oberland

Welcome to the most summerlike destinations in Switzerland. These are places that every traveler must see in Switzerland. As summer is fast approaching, this is your chance to visit these magnificent places in Bernese Oberland, Switzerland. Moreover, this is your only chance throughout the year to visit these places. So, let’s explore Switzerland together!


Embrace the beauty of Switzerland by visiting the beautiful Niederhorn. The Niederhorn is a peak of the Emmental Alps in the Bernese Oberland at 1950m above sea level. An amazing view opens up from here to the Bernese Alps and the blue waters of Lake Thun.

Niederhorn offers many activities to make your trip to Switzerland even more impressive and to help you escape the world. Starting from scooter bike rides into the valley, hikes with panoramic views, and ending with an aerial cable car ride and glass-sided funicular railway ride, you will get the most out of your trip.

It takes about ten minutes for the glass-sided funicular railway to transport you from Beatenbucht to the Beatenberg sun terrace in comfort. After a short break, you resume your journey to the Niederhorn’s summit with the modern cable car. This short but impressive Swiss journey will give you lots of time to relax and enjoy the breathtaking mountains and Lake Thun.


Schynige Platte

The Schynige Platte is a small mountain ridge in the Bernese Highlands. It is one of the easiest reachable mountain destinations in the Jungfrau Region. Schynige Platte offers plenty to its visitors - panorama trail, hiking, historic railway, alphorn players, botanical gardens, and most importantly, breathtaking alpine scenery to admire.

The majestic ride to the Schynige Platte starts at Wilderswil with the historical mountain railway. The summer season has its beautiful perks. On the way, great scenery opens up, which you can enjoy while relaxing and breathing in the alpine air. The railway takes you through the mountain meadows, natural green forests, alpine flowers, and delightful winds.

During this one-hour ride, you will have an opportunity to enjoy beautiful views of the peaks of the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau mountain chains.


Brienz Rothorn Bahn

As surprising as it sounds, the Brienz Rothorn Railway has been running since 1892. Now, you have the opportunity to enjoy the Swiss heritage of breathtaking scenery. Honestly, these sights in Switzerland are hard to forget - streams, alpine meadows, forests 2351m above sea level. The Brienz Rothorn ride is also an hour ride as the one in Schynige Platte. And during this ride, the whole panorama of the impressive Bernese Oberland is revealed.

As you go up by the railway, the view becomes more mesmerizing. And once at the top, you may see over 693 mountain peaks by just climbing a few more meters.

The Brienz Rothorn offers many routes for walkers and hikers. Hiking in this area is not easy, however, you are rewarded with the magnificent views of the Alps of Central Switzerland and Bernese Alps, which is worth hiking for. In addition, the Swiss railway is always there to provide a more relaxing trip to the alps.


These destinations sound like a dream, but they are just as real as the next step you need to take to book these amazing excursions with and have unforgettable Swiss experiences.


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