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Viaje Sostenible en Suiza: Descubriendo Suiza de Manera Responsable


Are you looking for a sustainable and responsible way to explore Switzerland? As a private travel and transportation company, AlpExcursion offers visitors an unforgettable and sustainable travel experience.

Sustainable Travel in Switzerland: What You Need to Know:

Given the country’s unique and fragile ecosystem, sustainable travel is becoming increasingly important in Switzerland to preserve its natural beauty and stunning scenery.

At AlpExcursion, we are committed to promoting sustainable travel practices that respect and protect the environment and support our local communities.

We’re making a difference by:

  • Using eco-friendly vehicles: We have a fleet of eco-friendly vehicles, including electric cars such as Teslas, that minimize our carbon footprint and promote sustainable transportation.
  • Offering eco-friendly excursions and tours: Our tours are designed to minimize our environmental impact and maximize our clients’ enjoyment. We offer a range of eco-friendly excursions and tours that promote sustainable travel practices and give clients the chance to experience the true magic of Switzerland through fabulous walking and hiking tours.
  • Working with local communities: We believe that sustainable tourism practices should benefit local communities. That’s why we work with local suppliers, guides, and communities to promote sustainable tourism practices and support local businesses.

Supporting the Swisstainable Sustainability Programme

We are proud to be a member of Switzerland Tourism and to support its Swisstainable sustainability programme. Launched in 2021, the programme aims to reduce the environmental impact of tourism and promote sustainable travel practices.

Swisstainable focuses on four key areas: reducing carbon emissions, protecting nature and biodiversity, preserving cultural heritage, and promoting social sustainability. By actively promoting and supporting the Swisstainable programme, we are massively contributing to sustainable travel in Switzerland.

Promoting Switzerland’s Unique Heritage

At AlpExcursion, we believe that sustainable travel isn’t just about protecting the environment but it’s also an opportunity to enrich the travel experience and promote Switzerland as an amazing travel destination.

We offer our clients an unforgettable travel experience where they can discover the magic of Switzerland and explore its unique and varied culture and entertainment. We are passionate about promoting and celebrating the country’s fascinating heritage and are committed to providing tours and excursions with immersive and authentic travel experiences that highlight Switzerland’s natural and cultural heritage. You’ll have the chance to visit historical landmarks and dive into interesting local traditions and customs.

We aim to showcase the very best of Switzerland while promoting sustainable travel practices; providing you with guilt-free travel and excitement.

Join us in supporting sustainable travel in Switzerland and discover Switzerland responsibly with AlpExcursion.


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